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Snowflake Schema / Schneeflockenschema

What is the Snowflake Schema?

  • Data

Discover the power of Snowflake Schema: A flexible data modeling technique for efficient data warehousing. Optimize performance & analysis.


What is Tableau?

  • Data

Learn how to use Tableau for data visualization and analysis in our comprehensive guide.

Das Bild zeigt einen Parkett Boden in Anlehnung an Apache Parquet.

What is Apache Parquet?

  • Data

Learn how to optimize Big Data storage with Apache Parquet. Explore its features, benefits, and implementation in this comprehensive guide.

Abbreviation für CSV

What are CSV files?

  • Data

Learn all about CSV files, including how to they are structured, best practices and comparison to Apache Parquet.

CAP Theorem

What is the CAP Theorem?

  • Data

Understanding CAP Theorem: Consistency, Availability, and Partition Tolerance in Distributed Systems. Learn the trade-offs in system design.

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