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The Basecamp for your Ascent in Machine Learning

In this blog, you will find all the topics to help you master the expedition into the world of Artificial Intelligence.

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Basics of handling data and AI algorithms in Python.

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Statistical models, rules, or methods that are used in
Artificial Intelligence is applied.

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Everything about data acquisition, data processing, and data storage.

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Machine Learning

The core: understand algorithms, create your own models and get results


Bivariate Analysis / Bivariate Analyse

What is the Bivariate Analysis?

Unlock insights with bivariate analysis. Explore types, scatterplots, correlation, and regression. Enhance your data analysis skills.

Verlustfunktion / Loss Function

What is a Loss Function?

Exploring Loss Functions in Machine Learning: Their Role in Model Optimization, Types, and Impact on Robustness and Regularization.

Binary Cross-Entropy

What is the Binary Cross-Entropy?

Dive into Binary Cross-Entropy: A Vital Loss Function in Machine Learning. Discover Its Applications, Mathematics, and Practical Uses.

Variance Inflation Factor (VIF) / Varianzinflationsfaktor

What is the Variance Inflation Factor (VIF)?

Learn how Variance Inflation Factor (VIF) detects multicollinearity in regression models for better data analysis.

Dummy Variable Trap

What is the Dummy Variable Trap?

Escape the Dummy Variable Trap: Learn About Dummy Variables, Their Purpose, the Trap's Consequences, and how to detect it.

Correlation Matrix / Korrelationsmatrix

What is the Correlation Matrix?

Exploring Correlation Matrix: Understanding Correlations, Construction, Interpretation, and Visualization.

Text Mining and NLP

If you are interested in a beginner course for text mining in Python, check out our Udemy courses.

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In this section you will find concrete Python examples and how they solve real problems.


Latest papers, topics and everything else that is important in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Das Bild zeigt ein menschliches Gesicht im Profil, in dem das Gehirn durch Verbindungen zwischen Punkten dargestellt. Dieses neuronale Netzwerk ist eine Darstellung für Machine Learning.
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