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4 AI Tools That Can Improve Your Productivity

Using AI tools or Machine Learning for work sounds like you need to be a high-end programmer with years of coding experience. But this is just partly true. There are several no-code tools out there that can help you be more productive and have an easy-to-use graphical interface.

However, they use dedicated Machine Learning algorithms to perform their tasks which makes them so much better than other comparable non-AI tools. Here are some of my favorite tools that will support most of you in saving time.

Text Summarization

Every time you need to dive deeper into new topics there are thousands of interesting articles or papers that you can and should read. Most of the time, you will just have time to read maybe two to three articles in-depth but there are ten or more that you should work through.

So, next time just let AI tools help you in deciding which texts are the most important and just focus on reading them. There are several tools online where you can import your text and get a Machine Learning summarization of the text.

QuillBot Interface | Photo: Screenshot Quillbot

There are several options you can work with. Either you directly paste the text that you would like to summarize or you can upload a text document from which to use the paragraphs. Additionally, there is an option to set the summary length from short to long. So, next time do not waste time reading every article that you should and let it be summarized first. Based on that, you can decide whether reading helps you in solving your task.

Translation Services

In a globalized world, we are often facing a situation where we need to write e-mails, and texts, or make presentations in another language. But if you need to write any kind of text in a language that is not your mother tongue, it will probably take you a lot longer than just doing it in your native language.

Let AI tools support you in these situations by taking over the translation so that you can focus on the quality of content. That way, you can set up a text in whatever language you feel comfortable with and then translate it into the language you need.

DeepL Translator Interface | Photo: Screenshot DeepL

For most languages and texts, those kinds of tools will give you a very good translation with little to no correction needed.

Automated Text Creation

Before we can start translating text, we first have to write it. In most cases, this is a very time-consuming task even if we already have an idea of the topic and a basic structure.

Usually, the more text the better, whether it’s product descriptions or other types of marketing descriptions. For this use case, there are also several tools on the market that will help you increase the number of words in a short text you have already started.

Sassbook AI Writer Interface | Photo: Screenshot Sassbook

Using such AI tools you can just start typing a text of around 20–30 words and generate 50+ words from this initial sentence. This can be a good basis for your further writing which maybe just need one correction or two.


Last but not least, we want to make sure that our articles or texts are spot-on when it comes to grammar and spelling. This can be time-consuming and exhausting work since you have to pay attention to every single word or check for every comma which is especially complicated if you are not writing in your mother tongue.

As you can imagine from this article so far, AI tools have our back. Grammarly offers a high-end grammar, spelling, and punctuation checker which works perfectly for the English language.

Grammarly | Photo: Screenshot Grammarly

That way, you can just start writing and can be sure that all mistakes are automatically marked. You can either use this tool on the website which is linked underneath the picture or use the browser plugin which most internet browsers offer which automatically checks everything you write in it.

This is what you should take with you

There are many ways in which Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can support you in your everyday writing. There are multiple tools that let you use the power of AI models in a no-code environment. So, even without any knowledge of coding or Artificial Intelligence, you can benefit from the vast progress that was made in this field.

Have fun using them!

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